End of Year Breakfast from Vocational School of Social Sciences

04.11.2021 15:37

The academic and administrative staff of the Vocational School of Social Sciences (SBMYO) came together at the breakfast organization held at the end of the 2017-2018 Academic Year. SBMYO Director Dr. Lecturer Mehmet Özalper, Assistant Principals Lect. See. Abdullah Demir and Lecturer. See. Our academic-administrative staff, especially Ahmet Dündar, attended.

Stating that the academic studies carried out by our academic staff at home and abroad in the past year have been pleasing, SBMYO Director Dr. Instructor Özalper said, “The graduate education level of our academic staff has increased significantly thanks to the devoted work of our teachers. This situation will contribute to the general education quality of our university as well as being important in the context of our vocational school.”

At the meeting where the 2017-2018 academic year was evaluated, SBMYO Director Dr. Instructor Member Özalper thanked the college personnel who carried out the works and transactions carried out during and at the end of the term, and stated that the existing spirit of unity will continue to increase.

The organization, in which ideas were exchanged about the preparations to be made in the next academic year, Dr. Instructor It ended with Mehmet Özalper's thank you speech and sincere conversations of our staff.