Our Vocational School met with the Mayor of Muş in line with the Institutional Quality Targets

04.11.2021 15:37

The students of the Local Administrations Program of our Vocational School came together with the Mayor of Muş Feyat Asya within the scope of the “Quality Commission” studies carried out in line with the institutional quality objectives. The program held in Lale Park on Tuesday, December 17, was attended by SBMYO Management and Organization Department Head Lecturer. See. Bengü Şekeroğlu, Head of Local Administrations Program Mustafa Fahri Mirhanoğulları, Local Administrations Program Advisor Lect. See. Nevzat Erdoğan, Head of Business Management Program Lecturer. See. Kübra Karakuş and Lect. See. Yelda Kale as well as our students participated.

Within the scope of the program, President Asya answered the questions of our students and shared their experiences in local administrations. Emphasizing the importance of working jointly with the Local Administrations Program for the city, Asya stated that our students will be encouraged to participate in municipal work and invited our students to the first municipal council meeting.

The program, which was very productive for our students and Asya stated that she was pleased to participate, ended after a group photo shoot.