Statement on Gender and Migration from our Head of Department

04.11.2021 15:37

Head of the Management and Organization Department of our Vocational School Lecturer. See. Bengü Şekeroğlu attended the 9th International Al Farabi Social Sciences Congress organized by Nahçıvan University.

Instructor See. Bengü Şekeroğlu evaluated the issue of international migration in terms of gender and women at the congress held in Azerbaijan between 2-4 May. Şekeroğlu presented her paper titled "Assessment of International Migration in Terms of Gender and Women" at the congress, which was held with intense participation from 14 countries. Şekeroğlu said that with the paper focusing on gender roles, examining the ties between women and international migration, the reasons for women's migration and the problems they experience during the international migration process, it aims to contribute to the visibility of women in the phenomenon of migration.