Our 2nd Year Radio and Television Programming Students were on the Field for Basic Photography Education

11.11.2021 21:25

Social Sciences Vocational School Audio-Visual Techniques and Media Production Department Radio and Television Programming Program 2nd grade students took beautiful shots at our university in these days when autumn was in the hands of their applied education within the scope of Basic Photography course conducted by Instructor Nursel Tokgöz.

Our Instructor Nursel Tokgöz said the following about the importance of photography practices: “In our school, which became active with the start of face-to-face education, practice lessons are now held in the field. We care about the work done to train qualified personnel for the profession and try to make up for the gaps created by distance education by spending more time with our students. We have more work to do in this context. With the studies we will do in the field of Radio and Television Programming, we strive to make our students individuals who are equipped and use technology in their professional life. Our Vocational School has all the necessary equipment in this sense. We will continue to offer our support as much as we can.”