Mus Sultan Alparslan Airport Trip from Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program

26.12.2021 12:45

The program was carried out in order to enable the students of the Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program to see practically the aviation-related topics that they had covered in the courses in the airport environment.

An educational trip to Muş Sultan Alparslan Airport was organized by Lecturer Neslihan Demir for the students of the Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program of the Transportation Services Department. Head of Travel Transportation Services Department, Dr. Instructor Member Okan Türk and Lecturer Kaan Eren accompanied him. Within the scope of the trip, first of all, the students had the opportunity to experience the passenger admission procedures on site. Afterwards, we moved to the apron in order to see the preparation and passenger pick-up processes of the planes on site. The students learned practically all the operations carried out by the ground crew and cabin crew, starting with the landing of the plane on the runway and until the take off, accompanied by oral presentations by the airport staff and Lecturer Neslihan Demir. After experiencing the operation on the apron, the students were taken to the tower in order to learn the procedures performed during take-off and landing. With the information given by the air traffic controllers in the tower, the students had the opportunity to learn how the planes got their landing and take-off permits, how the planes were flown in air traffic, and which routes the planes used in the air course of the planes coming to our city. After the tower visit, Turkish Airlines Muş Station Manager Mesut Aybakan, Muş Sultan Alparslan Airport Security Shift Supervisor Naim Şentürk and HAVAŞ Station Chief Bekir İnce were thanked for their contributions to the trip, and the trip was ended and they returned to the university.