04.11.2021 20:14

The main purpose of our Vocational School is to train professional staff who have a high sense of responsibility for our country, have ethical values, are well-equipped, knowledgeable, researcher, inquisitive, have a modern education, can raise awareness in the workplace, and have the ability to increase productivity.

As a well-known reality, qualified manpower comes first among the factors that affect the development of a country, and this can only be possible with a well-prepared education. Today, rapidly changing conditions in the business world increase the need for educated workforce day by day. Our main goal is to graduate our graduates, who will be involved in business life after completing their education, with a knowledge that is appropriate for the requirements of working life and the conditions of the time.

Dear students, the ever-increasing number of associate degree programs and students increases the competition. Our school works to give you the theoretical and applied information in the field you have chosen. I believe that you will work hard to graduate with the best qualifications in your chosen branch. I wish your life to be a witness of the Truth.

Associate Professor Dr. Mehmet Özalper 



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